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Need editorial stock photography of transport? Browse these galleries to find London and UK road and railway infrastructure, cycling and public transport photos to illustrate your news stories or technical reports.

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Pedal On UK Parliament

Pedal On Parliament, aka the National Funeral For The Unknown Cyclist, was a demonstration ride, rally and "die in" organised by Stop Killing Cyclists in London.

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Make The Lane

Make The Lane was a series of actions by Active Travel Now in London highlighting how inadequate painted cycle lanes are by creating "people-protected bike lanes" during morning rush hours.

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"Die In" at TfL

Following a series of deaths of cyclists in London, including on mayor Boris Johnson's blue painted cycle lanes, Stop Killing Cyclists organised a huge evening rush hour "die in" protest outside Transport for London head office on Blackfriars Road.

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The battle for Blackfriars

In 2011, Transport for London's plans to remove cycle lanes and raise speed limits at Blackfriars Bridge led to a backlash including "flashrise" protests, and eventually to a change in policy which paved the way for new protected cycling infrastructure.

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