In addition to the images you see on this site, I produce portrait, product, brand and event photography for corporate communications and marketing.

While I have worked in a variety of fields, from politics to transport, I particularly specialise in science, including academic and medical research, biotech and environmental sciences, from the laboratory to conferences.

For photography, I can provide a unique service in this field because I have more than 10 years experience in it, first in the laboratory and then as an editor, writer and communications manager for research institutes and funding agencies. I know what scientists do and what stories organisations in this sector want to tell, and I know what images work across digital, print and advertising contexts.

I can help you with:

  • Conferences, workshops and parties
  • Laboratory research news, PR, storytelling, stock, brand and product photography
  • Publicity portraits
  • …and much more

Need photography? Get in touch to find out what I might be able to provide. The best thing to do is send an email with a brief summary of your requirements and we can then discuss your project further.


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