3 March 2019

In February, while the weather was still suitably frosty and before the unseasonably warm spell began, I popped into Newcastle and Gateshead for a few days, to shoot one of my favourite cityscapes.

I'd only been there once before, more than 7 years ago, and then only briefly, for one night, when passing through on a big tour.

But it has been on the todo list ever since, and I've been reminded why on every train to or from Edinburgh since, as it crosses the River Tyne high up on the East Coast Main Line.

Because Newcastle and Gateshead have a fantastic cityscape along the Quays where the bridges, too many brilliant bridges to be believable, align along the River Tyne.

With commuter trains crossing the double-decker High Level Bridge, the Tyne and Wear Metro on the colourful Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, buses trundling up and down to the Swing Bridge, and trucks on the iconic arched Tyne Bridge high above a cityscape of castles, churches, mills and modern blobitecture, the scene looks like a model railway enthusiast has gone overboard and stuffed far too many elements into an implausibly small space.

Which is brilliant.

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