Fox on Crag Lough

15 December 2020

At the end of 2018 we booked trains for February to Northumberland, blind to what the weather would be but hopeful that there might be snow on Hadrian's Wall and the national park

We took the train to Bardon Mill and walked up past Vindolanda to a snowy Once Brewed, and so one morning while exploring Sycamore Gap on the craggy hills of Hadrian's Wall, I spotted foxes walking out on the ice of the frozen lake at Crag Lough.

I returned the next morning, this time to the top of the Highshield Crags above, with the heavy telephoto lens to see if they would return.

And soon they were back, their tracks already meandering over the snow-dusted ice in all directions.

Not two but three of them, exploring the rocky scree slopes on the shore below where the birds nest in the cliffs.

Alas, I soon had to leave – and so did they.

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