On Garth Mountain - Photocatalyst

In the summer I popped over to South Wales for a short cycle tour through the Brecon Beacons and The Valleys and down to Cardiff where I had a meeting to join, and the weather on one of the nights was supposed to be good so I packed the bivvy and trawled the Ordnance Survey Explorers and Google Earth for possible camp spots with suitable vistas for a sunset-sunrise shoot. 

The pin ended up in The Garth Mountain, a hill just north of Cardiff overlooking the Taff Valley, and I raced up there through a fantastic sunset knowing that I was missing the best of it and the light was fading into blue hour by the time I was getting to grips with the potential photo compositions to be had.

I'd had a vague slight worry that, despite having diligently checked the suitability on aerial photos, this would be the closest I'd ever bivvied to built areas or to such busy paths. But I quickly found a great spot with fine compositions of the narrow Taff Valley and the gap in the hills to Caerphilly with the rocky outcrops of The Garth, but a little way from the main paths, and all was perfect as I drank tea and shot the strings of lights coming on throughout the city and along the ribbons of the roads of the valleys.

But the sunrise light was, for a few brief moments, exactly what was ordered.

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