Published: 1 March 2014 // Updated with new photos: 16 December 2020

Over the years, living and commuting in a variety of places, there have been objects and views that I've had the chance to shoot again and again, in all different lights and seasons. The current object, between my flat in Battersea and office in South Kensington, is Lots Road Power Station, allegedly known as the "Chelsea monster", across the Thames at the western end of Chelsea Riverside.

Built in 1904 to power the new Brompton and Picadilly Circus Railway — the Picadilly Line tube — the coal-fired power station was converted to gas in the 1970s, losing two of its four chimneys. With air pollution regulations pushing power generation out of the city, the station finally closed in 2002, and is currently under renovation and redevelopment as shops and flats.

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