Autumn mists on Bristol Docks

7 December 2020

Autumn in Bristol means mists rising from its waterways and settling in its many valleys.

Late November this year gave us several excellent misty nights and foggy mornings, so I headed to the Harbourside for some moody shots of the old dock cranes, looming like something out of War Of The Worlds.

Then past the historic vessels -- Volunteer, Bee, Matthew and Lord Nelson -- moored on the quayside outside M Shed museum.

And down to the Cumberland Basin to recreate a old photo that I had taken 16 years ago on a primitive 1 MP point-and-shoot camera -- of the tall street lights on the Plimsoll Bridge flyover road system diffused by the mist and reflected in the Floating Harbour.

Then back around past Bristol Cathedral and the Raja Ram Mohan Roy statue outside the Central Library on Deanery Road.

For Canon's Marsh, Pero's Bridge,  the Frome branch and the traffic and buildings of The Centre.

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