7 May 2017

I’m not quite sure how I’ve never made it to York before now, at least, not to step off the train. So when Virgin Trains offered £5 advance tickets over the winter it seemed like a good one to tick off the diminishing list of UK cities left to shoot.

Just a couple of dark evenings exploring the Shambles of rickety mediaeval timbered houses and stone gateways in the densely packed streets old city centre.

And surveying the cityscape and surrounding flatlands of the Yorkshire Ouse valley, out to the horizons of Ferrybridge and Drax power stations, from the summit of the York Minster cathedral tower.

#York city and #Drax Power Station

And the old industrial quaysides of the Ouse and Fosse.

Before returning to the city’s other great cathedral, the cathedral to industry of the North Eastern Railway’s Victorian train shed


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