The Foxes of Crag Lough

In February 2019 we headed to a snow-covered Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland national park, and met a family of foxes hunting on the frozen lakes.

See the photos of the foxes of Crag Lough

Autumn mists on Bristol Docks

Autumn in Bristol means mists rising from its waterways and settling in its many valleys, and this November provided some excellent misty nights and foggy mornings for photos of the historic Harbourside and city docks.

See the photos from autumn in Bristol

On Garth Mountain

Last summer I popped over to South Wales for a short cycle tour through the Brecon Beacons and The Valleys and down to Cardiff, and shot the sunset and sunrise from The Garth above the Taff Valley.

See the photos from Garth Mountain

Fridays For Future: London Climate Strike in the rain

On a rainy Friday in September 2019 School Strike For Climate and Culture Declares Climate & Econological Emergency gathered under colourful umbrellas for a Fridays For The Future rally in Trafalgar Square.

See the photos from the Strike For Climate

Winter on the Tyne Quays

In February, while the weather was still suitably frosty, I popped into Newcastle and Gateshead for a few days, to shoot one of my favourite cityscapes: the Tyne Quays and the great bridges that join the twin riverside cities.

See the photos from winter on the River Tyne

Armadillo reflections: autumn in Glasgow

I had to pop into Glasgow in early November for an event at the Scottish Events Campus. It's an odd cityscape, with many flaws, in the former industrial docklands on the River Clyde, but it makes a fine photography subject.

See the photos from autumn in Glasgow

Pedal On UK Parliament: the National Funeral

Pedal On Parliament, aka the National Funeral For The Unknown Cyclist, was a demonstration ride, rally and "die in" organised by Stop Killing Cyclists in London.

See the photos from Pedal On Parliament

Make The Lane: people-protected bike lanes

Make The Lane was a series of actions by Active Travel Now in London highlighting how inadequate painted cycle lanes are by creating "people-protected bike lanes" during morning rush hours.

See the photos from Make The Lane

Lubnaclach: the cottage on the moor

Take the train from Glasgow to Fort William and you will cross the vast peat bog and post-glacial moraine landscape of Rannoch Moor in the West Highlands, where you might catch a glimpse of a very lonely, isolated ruin, the cottage at Lubnaclach.

See the photos from Lubnaclach

Cabot Tower: Bristol from Brandon Hill

I was asked for my top Bristol recommendations for a first time visitor. One of them has to be climbing the Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill. I’ve not tired of this free folly viewpoint since finding it as a first year student 15 years ago.

See the photos of Bristol from the Cabot Tower

Destitution Road again: return to Fain House

The Destitution Road crosses high boggy moorland in Wester Ross, under An Teallach mountain in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. My brain keeps wanting to autocorrect it to the Desolation Road, for its remote and isolated situation on empty, open moors — empty except for Fain House.

See the photos from the Destitution Road

A winter supersaver to York

When Virgin Trains offered £5 advance tickets over the winter, we had to take a trip to York to spend a couple of dark evenings exploring the Shambles of rickety mediaeval timbered houses and stone gateways in the densely packed streets old city centre.

See the photos from York in winter

Lines in the landscape at Goring Gap in the Chiltern Hills

A later summer evening walk in the Thames Valley at Goring Gap, where the river and the trains on the Great Western Railway slip between the chalk hills on the edge of the Oxfordshire and Berkshire Chilterns.

See the photos from Goring Gap

A misty autumn morning on lake Windermere

Windermere had never impressed me as much as the northern Lake District, but with some time to spare in 2016 after a November meeting in the north west, I headed there to look for late-running autumn colours and morning mists in the Lakeland valleys.

See the photos from autumn on Windermere

Slea Head Ride to Kerry’s Dunquin Pier

When I was nine or ten the family toured the wild, remote Atlantic west coast of Ireland, and I had vague memories and a grainy scan of a print of an outlandish road winding down steep storm-shaped rocky cliffs to a concrete pier, so when I was in Kerry last month I had to ride out there to re-find and shoot again this fantastical landscape.

See the photos from Slea Head

Ships and stunts at Bristol Harbour Festival 2016

Bristol Harbour Festival is an annual celebration of the city's maritime heritage and contemporary culture on its historic docks.

See the photos from Bristol Harbour Festival 2016

Flags and Signals: Pride In London 2016

The annual LGBT pride parade in 2016 happened 2 weeks after the Orlando nightclub shooting and 2 days after the Brexit vote, accounting for some of the themes of the day.

See the photos from the London Pride Parade

IWA Canalway Cavalcade 2016

On bank holiday weekend, boaters congregated at Little Venice on the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal for the Inland Waterways Association Canalway Cavalcade.

See the photos from Canalway Cavalcade

Storr Lochs: the hidden funicular on Skye

Hidden on the Isle of Skye, just a little way off the tourist trail at the Storr Lochs, is a seaside funicular railway — but rather than an ornate Victorian tourist attraction, this is rather more industrial.

See the photos of the Storr Lochs funicular

Eclipse over Edinburgh

In March 2015 we were treated to a solar eclipse, and while it was only a partial eclipse in the UK, we managed to head north to Edinburgh to get a pretty good look at it.

See the photos of the solar eclipse

10 hours at Level 39: London Docklands

While photographing an event high in the One Canary Wharf skyscraper I caught these pictures of the London cityscape and the fast-developing Docklands business district.

See the photos from Level 39

Under the hills of Torridon

There aren't many more stunning parts of the country than Torridon in Wester Ross on the coast of the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, where the great sandstone mountains rise above the Scots Pines in the grassy glens, and the rocky shores of the Atlantic.

Explore Glen Torridon and the Torridon Hills in photos

Lots Road Power Station

Between my flat in Battersea and office in South Kensington is Lots Road Power Station, the derelict London Underground generating station on the Thames at Chelsea Riverside, a scene that I've had the chance to shoot again and again, in all different lights and seasons.

See the photos of Lots Road Power Station

Stop Killing Cyclists: "Die In" at TfL

Following a series of deaths of cyclists in London, including on mayor Boris Johnson's blue painted cycle lanes, Stop Killing Cyclists organised a huge evening rush hour "die in" protest outside Transport for London head office on Blackfriars Road.

See the photos from the Die In

Crossing the Moorfoot Hills

On a glorious sunny spring day in 2011, I crossed the Moorfoot Hills in Scotland's Southern Uplands, collecting these photos of the high moorland landscapes and deep valleys dotted with old drystone sheep stells.

Explore the Moorfoot Hills in photos

On the canals at Castlefield

The world's first industrial canal and the world's first passenger railway converge on the Castlefield neighbourhood of Manchester, in a visually impressive tangle of basins and docks, steel viaducts and brick arches, warehouses and modern apartment buildings.

See the photos from Castlefield Basin

Edge of the Vale

In the summer I spent a few evenings and early mornings shooting the hills surrounding the lush agricultural valley of the River Stour — the Blackmore Vale — in North Dorset and South Somerset.

See the photos of Dorset's Blackmore Vale

der Telespargel

In December 2007 I visited Berlin, and was fascinated by the Fernsehturm – the television tower in Alexanderplatz, Germany's tallest structure – and the effect it had on the cityscape and skyline.

See the photos of Berlin's Fernsehturm

Winter in Keswick

In February 2010 I spent a long weekend in Keswick, in England's Lake District, exploring the wild woods around a frozen Derwent Water and walking over the snow-covered fells around Castlerigg Stone Circle..

See the photos of Keswick in Winter

The standing stones of Machrie Moor

On the west side of Arran — the "Scotland in miniature" island of the Firth of Clyde — you might find the path to Machrie Moor, and there the strange array of stone circles and megaliths that dot the landscape.

See the photos of Machrie Moor

Hill climb

I get my photos of big landscapes from high on hills by cycling up them. Here are some photos of others doing the same.

See the photos of hill climb cycling

At Abereiddy

Walking along the coast path of St David's Head in the Pembrokeshire National Park, one headland stands out for its clearly man-made feature: the squat tower at Abereiddy, standing above the quarried Blue Lagoon cove.

See the photos of Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon

Lines in the Landscape: The Settle and Carlisle Railway

I like the ways that railways fit into the landscape — the mix of bold lines, elegant curves, symmetrical structures and lush green earthworks, embedded in big landscapes — like the the Settle to Carlisle Line in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

See the photos of the Settle-Carlisle Line

On Calton Hill

A five minute walk from Edinburgh's Waverley railway station, Calton Hill is always the first place I head when arriving, to take in the amazing cityscape views from beside the monuments of the World Heritage City.

See the photos from Calton Hill

The Crinan Canal

The Crinan Canal is a unique waterway on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland, cutting through the Kintyre Peninsula to allow access from Glasgow to the Hebrides and coastal communities for the boats that were once a lifeline.

See the photos of Scotland's Crinan Canal

The Derwent Dams

In the high, wet hills of the Dark Peak in Derbyshire's Peak District, the Upper Derwent Valley collects the water running down from the spongy moors and through the plantation forests into a series of huge reservoirs.

See the photos of Derbyshire's Upper Derwent Valley

A82: the remarkable road on Rannoch Moor

The A82 is a very unusual road, not just for the spectacular boggy moorland and mountain landscape that it traverses at Rannoch Moor above Glen Coe in the West Highlands of Scotland, but also for the shapes it makes itself in that landscape.

See the photos of Rannoch Moor

Purdown Transmitter

The Purdown Transmitter, the BT Tower standing high on the hill in Stoke Park above North Bristol, is one of those subjects I've managed to shoot again and again over the years, capturing it in all seasons, lights and conditions.

See the photos of the Purdown Transmitter

Edinburgh Castle

I'm a big fan of the cityscape and skyline of Edinburgh, with its excellent topology, and the fortress standing over the city high on Castle Rock is both an excellent part of that cityscape, and an excellent place to see the rest of it from.

See the photos of Edinburgh Castle


Cwmorthin is one of the many huge disused slate quarries and mines around Blaenau Ffestiniog in Snowdonia, a mile walk up into the Moelwyn Mountains and arranged in an array of ruined buildings, rusting machinery and tottering scree piles around a lake in a bowl in the hills.

See the photos of Cwmorthin

Burst of bicycle couples

A short set of photos I took in the autumn on Zeeburgereiland, one of the artificial islands off Amsterdam's waterfront, with three silos standing alone in a big empty wasteland awaiting regeneration of the former industrial area.

See the photos of the Zeeburgereiland silos


Not one of the biggest hills in England's Lake District, but one with fine views over the Buttermere valley on a sunny day in summer.

See the photos of Haystacks and Buttermere

The battle for Blackfriars

In 2011, Transport for London's plans to remove cycle lanes and raise speed limits at Blackfriars Bridge led to a backlash including "flashrise" protests, and eventually to a change in policy which paved the way for new protected cycling infrastructure.

See more photos from the Battle for Blackfriars

The Moine House

In the far northern Highlands of Scotland, a great boggy moor, The Moine, spreads for miles over the hills, and one remote ruined cottage rises from the moss on the lonely coast road.

See the photos of the Moine House

The Hutong of Beijing

After Beijing was established as a new capital, the Forbidden City was soon surrounded by new neighbourhoods — dense and chaotic blocks of buildings — the hutongs. Now they're fast being demolished or gentrified.

See the photos of the hutongs of Beijing

Winter on Helmsdale Harbour

In the winter of 2010, heavy snows fell across the UK, including on the small fishing village of Helmsdale on the Moray Firth coast of the far northern Highlands of Scotland.

See the photos of Helmsdale in the snow

Night bus

A few observations on the N3 night bus home from central London to Herne Hill in 2008/09 led to this post, a little different from the others here, telling some stories from the night buses — with lots of photos of course.

Read the stories and see the photos

White Christmas in Dorset

December 2010 brought heavy snow to the UK, and I captured it on the fields and woods of North Dorset's agricultural Blackmore Vale.

See the photos of Dorset's Blackmore Vale in snow

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